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App Store featured with five stars

We helped bring Realifex to life. From an idea and a vision to a five-star, internationally featured app and one of the first in the world to make it to Apple Watch.

ANZ Bank

Fast and intuitive product insights

Do we offer this product in that country? Who do I contact to find out? With more than 100 products in 34 countries, it would take ANZ's team 2 days to find key product information. GoProduct delivers in 15 seconds.

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Our Approach

Our data-driven and commercially focused approach to product development is what sets us apart. This approach has helped grow startups to exit, and drive targeted innovation in large, complex organisations.


Before you’ve spent a single dollar, we’ll understand your idea, your objectives and begin to plan for success.

Your Idea

Before we talk about your idea, you’ll receive a non-disclosure agreement, specifically written to protect your idea and intellectual property.

Your Vision

Personal wealth, disruption, profit or digital transformation. The vision driving your app is critical to its success; the strategy we formulate and the way we execute against it.


Our Product Strategists will work with you to refine your idea, eliminate assumption and use real-world data to pressure-test and find a potential product/market fit.

Venture Lab Workshop

The Venture Lab Workshop is designed to rapidly mature your idea and product strategy, understand your users and test feasibility over two days. The outcome is a scope and investment estimate for your MVP Experiment.

MVP Experiment

Out of the Venture Lab Workshop, we’ll build a Minimum Viable Product Experiment. This is a bare-bones, lightweight product designed to test your idea in the marketplace, and gather user feedback data.

Gather Data

We collect a series of targeted metrics from your MVP Experiment that we’ll analyse to refine the strategy and scale your product to a larger audience, according to your vision.

Return on Investment

We’ll build models to project speed to market, and how your app will need to perform in order for you to see a return on your investment.


Launch, measure, then iterate and evolve your app to find product/market fit and achieve success against your vision.

Success Metrics

Over time, your app will collect user feedback and interaction data. We'll use this data with you to make commercially sound decisions about your product, it's strategy, features and evolution of both overtime - striving toward tight product/market fit.

Design and Technology

Our team of world-class, user-centric interface designers and app developers will ensure that your product is quality to the core. Design and engineering rigor are key to product marketability, competitiveness, user acquisition and retention.

Ongoing Support

In addition to feature creation or enhancement, we’ll support your app by monitoring user load and resolving bugs or issues that have been caused by updates to your operating system or server platform.

Lifetime Partnership

Our focus is to form a lifetime partnership with you; working collaboratively over time to create transformative and disruptive apps and businesses. This long term partnership means that we're incentivised to build great products, businesses and help you grow.

"The Pixel Lab have been instrumental in the success of Realifex. It started over coffee with some sketches, and today I have a successful app that people love."

Alex Prate, Founder of Realifex

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